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Belt’s Beer Garden: Seapine-ing for More!

Mosaic Pale Ale from Seapine Brewing is downright amazing!

Seapine Brewing Company has been a staple of Seattle,Washington for over a decade now. Located in the city’s SoDo district, they opened their doors in 2011 but rarely leave the state so finding a can of their beers is nearly impossible if you’re not in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

Luckily for me, I was able to snag a few cans of their Mosaic Pale Ale, a staple of theirs that features a heaping amount of Mosaic hops and a 5.4% ABV. If you’re in their distribution range, you can snag a four-pack for about $11, which is a pretty dang good price.

The beer poured a slightly copper color, with some golden hues peeking out when hit by any light, and had just a small amount of head topping it off. There was never more than half a finger of bright white foam atop the brew and, almost immediately, it was down to a thin ring around the edge of the glass with minimal lacing.

On the nose, this Pale Ale was nice and balanced. There were both fruity and earthy notes coming from the Mosaic hops. A bit of pine and some dank grassy resin were noticeable as were some fruitier notes of berries, tangerine, and grapefruit rind. Some maltier qualities of caramel and bread were also there but hidden underneath the more potent hoppy notes.

My first sip began with a slow rising of carbonation that quickly vanished and allowed for the beer’s flavors to appear. But, when they finally did show up, they were quite subtle and light.

Some dripping orange sweetness was most prevalent with those berry notes quickly following behind. Appearing for a brief moment were some mango and stone fruit qualities, mostly of apricot but with a touch of peach here and there.

The earthier and malty notes that appeared in the smell were almost nowhere to be found in the actual flavor of the beer. Some of the grains offered up a sweet caramel midway through but there was so much coming from the Mosaic hops that the grist didn’t stand a chance against the hop flavors.

On the backend, there was one last flash of candied orange that swelled up before fading away and allowing a pithy grapefruit rind characteristic to finish off the sip.

That citrus peel flavor added some resiny undertones that dried out my tongue and added a sticky finish to the beer. However, much like the initial flavors, that dry/sticky feeling was also on the lighter side and didn’t last long at all.

I absolutely loved how easy to drink this beer was. The flavors were great while also being super light and subtle, which made it extremely crushable and delicious. It’s light enough to drink all day and good enough that you’ll want to keep drinking it all day. A really well made Pale Ale that I now need to find more of!

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