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Belt’s Beer Garden: Welcome to the Family

Supe Juice from Family Business Beer Co.

Family Business Beer Company is located in Dripping Springs, Texas - a small city of 4,500 people about 25 miles west of Austin. They are family-owned and are pet and kid friendly, even going so far as to have their own playground for kiddos.

Oh, and they are also owned by Jensen Ackles, who you might know as Soldier Boy from the TV series The Boys on Amazon Prime. After finding that out, it’s no surprise that they made a beer called Supe Juice, of which I was able to snag a single can.

I can’t tell you what hops or grains Supe Juice made with, as they are protecting its secret identity and don’t have those listed anywhere. But I do know it has a solid 6% ABV and was $5 for the 12-ounce can.

Supe Juice poured a very murky, muddled straw color with over two fingers of fluffy, dense head building up. The foam lingered for a while and laced the glass nicely as it made its way down to a thin ring around the edge of the glass.

The aroma was a combination of grist and hops. The grains provided some light cereal-esque notes of flaked wheat and oats while the hops offered up some fruity and earthier qualities. There was a massive dank floral characteristics that blended in with the tropical notes of mango, papaya, berries, and grapefruit.

Each sip begins with a soft and fluffy mouthfeel and some really subtle flavors. It took a few moments before my taste buds were finally woken up by the hops. There was a slow build up of citrus rind and ripe berries that hit first. Following that closely was a juicy pop of mango and papaya that didn’t last too long.

That grapefruit peel pithiness that started it off continued to grow into a twinge of bitterness that was joined in by some of the dank hop notes and a bit of herbal grass and black pepper. The bitter, grapefruity pang continued for a few moments after everything else had faded away before slowly fading out.

Overall, it was a rather subtle beer with the main flavoring coming from that growing hoppy/grapefruit bitterness. It was rather crushable despite having a thicker body. That pillowy soft thickness didn’t stop it from sitting quite lightly and I was able to down the can quite easily.

Can’t wait to try more from Family Business.

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