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Belt’s Beer Garden: Catching Flights

LAX-JFK-TPA - a massive, cross-country collab from Angry Chair, Monkish, and Other Half

Tampa, Florida’s Angry Chair Brewing teamed up with some massive names to create a beer equally as massive. And, after seeing that they were partnering with the IPA experts from Monkish Brewing (Torrence, CA) and Other Half (NYC), I knew I needed to get my hands on this massive collaboration.

The trio brewed LAX-JFK-TPA, a double dry-hopped Double IPA that features Nectaron and Riwaka hops. Each can features a very solid 8.5% ABV and cost about $8, with 4-packs (if you can find them) going for the discounted price of about $24.

This DDH Double IPA poured a cloudy, but bright, golden straw color with very minimal head building up. No more than half a finger of wispy, eggshell colored foam appeared and, within moments, all that remained was a few collections of bubbles straddling the side of the glass.

On the nose, the brew was dank and resinous but offered up quite a few fruity notes as well. There was some light pineapple and stone fruit, as well as some lychee, honeydew, and passion fruit as well. The grist backing was all but hidden by the resinous hoppy qualities and, just from smelling it, the beer seemed like it would be quite dry.

Each sip begins with a surprisingly soft and creamy body - it looks much lighter than it drinks. The pillowy soft feeling expands to encompass the entire mouth but there is a slight tingle of hops and carbonation underneath.

Those hops offer up a small dash of bitterness early on but it is quickly overrun by juicy fruit and super dank flavors. The dankness hits almost immediately and is joined by a combination of sweet pineapple, peaches, and passion fruit. It’s a shockingly juicy start to what I thought would be a dry beer.

After a moment or two, some pithy grapefruit and orange rind are added to the mix; as are some lighter notes of berries and melon. But it was like those fruity flavors just kept on coming. And, with the exception of the citrus rind, they were all very, very juicy.

On the backend, there were some softer floral notes that added a bit of a perfume-y taste to it but, luckily, the tropical fruits were always in control of the sip and were quick to overpower that floral taste.

While it smelled like it would be quite dry, it was actually quite the opposite. It finished quite clean for a Double IPA. There was no lingering bitterness, no boozy bite, nothing. It simply vanished at the end.

LAX-JFK-TPA is a very dangerous, very delicious DDH DIPA. That 8.5% ABV will sneak up on you but, my God, it’s so tasty it was impossible to let the beer sit for very long. A super crushable collab from three of the nations best IPA makers. If you can find it, try it.

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