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Latest on Chris Jans story: slapped by woman at bar, escorted out by assistants

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports Ohio's Zac Jackson has the latest on the dismissal of Bowling Green men's basketball coach Chris Jans:

A person involved in the incident told that Jans acted "aggressively and inappropriately" toward at least one female bar patron on the night of March 21.

Jans was asked to leave after a woman slapped him, the source said. At least one of his assistant coaches was involved in getting Jans out of the bar.

At this point, no one has seen the cell phone video Bowling Green apparently relied on when deciding to fire Jans. But usually when someone gets hit at a bar and it's the person who gets hit that's thrown out, that means bad stuff was going on.

And based on chatter in the Twitterverse, being "that guy" at a bar may not have been a one-time thing for Jans.

If Jans had a history of getting "absolutely obliterated" at bars in town, it was likely just a matter of time before something happened like the incident that apparently led to his firing.