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Bowling Green tabbed as one of the worst uniforms in college football (by recruits)

To be fair, in-state rival Ohio also got some votes.

Michael Chang/Getty Images

As we all know, uniforms are a defining expression of a school's identity and brand. Oregon showed that using uniforms as a marketing idea can launch a successful program.

(Billions of dollars from UO alum Phil Knight certainly helps too.)

More than ever, players are paying attention to brands and how they present themselves, so it it quite the deal when kids look at styles and question them. Just earlier today, UCLA signed a super mega-deal with Under Armour for 15 years and $280 million in an effort to differentiate themselves from the rest of their PAC-12 bretheren. A stout business move really, as Under Armour polls well amongst those 18-34.

Pick Six Previews called up 100 D1 recruits about uniforms and asked them what their preferences were. The results are below.

Bowling Green, surprisingly, ties with Michigan and Wyoming, and is just ahead of schools such as USC and Texas. As always, Twitter polls should be taken with a grain of salt.

We don't know exactly how the poll was conducted, if there were choices given, or if there were answers volunteered, or if there was any incidental bias that might have leaked in. Regardless, the results are pretty overwhelming and shows that a team's branding and image could go hand-in-hand with a recruit's choices.

Ohio also received a vote for "worst uniform," but did not garner enough votes to be in the "bottom" 11.

What do you think, Belters? Tell us about it in the comments.