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Bowling Green vs. Tulsa: 2nd Quarter Update

The Bowling Green Falcons lead Tulsa 3-0 early in the second quarter.  Except for one 37-yard pass, the Falcons have done a wonderful job keeping the Tulsa offense in check.

Meanwhile, the Matt Schilz experiment lasted all of two series.  Matt Johnson replaced him midway through the first quarter and immediately led BGSU on the only scoring drive of the game thus far.  He's 4-for-8, while Schilz was just 1-for-4 and looked decidedly uncomfortable against Tulsa's rush.

If you need any example of how little faith Dave Clawson apparently placed in Schilz, you only need to look to the Falcons' first drive.  On a 3rd-and-5 inside the Tulsa 40, Clawson called a draw that went absolutely nowhere, rather than give the ball to Schilz to try to pass for a first down.

Not sure where this is going to lead, but it doesn't look good for the incumbent.