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Bowling Green vs. Tulsa: 4th Quarter Update

This game is really titling in Bowling Green's favor, now.  The Falcons scored a touchdown following the second half kickoff on a 75-yard drive.  Then, at the end of the third quarter, Tulsa tried a fake punt -- and failed -- from their own 16.  The Falcons quickly turned that into another touchdown, and early in the fourth, Bowling Green leads 20-0.

The most shocking stat of this game?

Through three quarters, the vaunted Tulsa running game had 52 yards on 22 carries.  Overall?  The Golden Hurricane had just 212 yards through three.

(And an up-to-the-second update:  Tulsa just went for it on 4th-and-13 with 12 minutes to go from the BGSU 44.  Their pass was incomplete.  This one is very, very close to being O-V-E-R.)