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Bowling Green vs. Tulsa: FINAL

Now THAT is how you show the world what #MACtion is all about.  In perhaps the most visible and important MAC game of the night, the Bowling Green Falcons rolled in all phases of the game and allowed only a garbage-time touchdown to Tulsa on the way to an impressive 34-7 win.

Up next for Tulsa is a home game with Colorado State, while Bowling Green plays a huge conference game next Saturday against a potentially Dri Archer-less Kent State.

We'll have a complete recap of this game later tonight, but use this as a take-away...

Tulsa accumulated 51 rushing yards in the entire game, and only 273 yards overall.  Fifty of those came on their garbage-time touchdown drive.

Bowling Green's defense is for real, and the rest of the MAC needs to notice.