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Buffalo releases new uniforms for 2016 football season

UB follows Miami's lead and goes minimal for their new uniform set. Also, not one, but THREE new helmet designs.

Buffalo Athletics

Buffalo is offically over the "State University of New York" era, rekindling their relationship with their "Buffalo" identity.

Buffalo has a history of switching back-and-forth between identities, but this look might just be their sleekest yet. The uniforms, created by Nike, are Mach Speed sets that feature all three of Buffalo's colors (blue, black, and white,) and introduces new logos, number fonts and letter fonts that are more italicized and smoother than the previous, more pointed versions.

What is noticibly missing are the pointed side piping that were prevalent in the SUNY jerseys. These jerseys instead opt for a classic, more monochrome look.

The most interesting feature are the helmets. So long to the blue matte UB helmets as a primary; that helmet looks to be replaced by a shiny white helmet with reflective metallic blue UB lettering and facemask. An alternate white helmet also features the new Bull logo in black with a black facemask. A third alternate helmet is matte black, with a white Bull logo and black facemask.

It's not yet clear if the jerseys will be interchangeable week-to-week, or if they will stay as pictured for the season.

Per a press release, the jerseys seemed to catch the student-athlete's attention. "They are great. I really like the simplicity of the uniforms," senior cornerback Boise Ross said. "We're really thankful for what we have right now. There's a lot of things changing with this program. We have a lot to look forward to and we have to thank our donors for all they do to make it happen."

It is yet to be released when replicas will be available for purchase. The new threads will make their debut at home on Sept. 2 vs. UAlbany.