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20 former MAC players land on CFL rosters for the 2021 season

Football season is almost ready to kick off in the Great White North, and a good handful of former MAC stars will be participating.

Diallo, Julien and Johnson selected in 2021 CFL Draft

Mohamed Diallo was the first MAC prospect off the board, with two others getting the call in later rounds.

Tomas Jack-Kurdyla, Nathan Rourke selected in 2020 CFL Draft

Both of the MAC selections eligible for the CFL heard their names called on Thursday night, and will continue their careers in the Great North.

Two MAC products selected in 2016 CFL Draft

They might not have made the NFL, but the CFL will do just as well for these two MAC products.

The CFL is flooded with MAC talent

Take a closer look at the 37 former MAC players who call the Canadian Football League home.