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College Football Rankings

MAC Football: Ranking the Non-Conference Schedules

Which MAC teams have the easiest, and toughest, match ups this season?

Oh Joy! 2017 Football Rankings Are Out!

ESPN put out their F.P.I. rankings, let’s see how the MAC did

Committee to Group of 5: “Let them eat cake”

Pundits galore have written off G5 teams year after year. And by doing so, they’ve ruined college football.

How We Voted In the Underdogs Poll This Week

We both still think BYU is the best, but I'm real high on Pirates, while Keith is more of a fan of Thundering Herds.

The MAC Faces Two Top 25 Teams This Week

Michigan State (No. 11) and Wisconsin (No. 18) are the highest ranked opponents MAC teams will face this week.

Huskies' Votes Are Up In the Coaches Poll

The latest coaches poll is out, and NIU has received a handful of votes again this week.

How We Voted In the Underdogs Poll This Week

Keith and Bryan share their ballots in the Week 2 Underdogs Poll.

New AP Poll Is Out

And the Group of Five finally has a representative!

The Latest Coaches Poll Is Out

NIU got some minor votes, and the MAC takes on a pair of Top 25 teams this week.

The Latest AP Poll Is Out, FSU Still No. 1

And the MAC takes on a Top 25 team in Week 2 as BLANK Missouri rolls into Toledo.

Coaches Poll Is Out; NIU Recieves 2 Votes

The first in-season update of the 2014 Amway Coaches Poll is out, and there's not too much to be surprised at.

NIU Not Ranked In Final Polls

The final results are in and after slipping in its final two games NIU has dropped out of the major college football polls entirely.

NIU Falls To No. 23 In Final BCS Rankings

The final nails in the coffin holding the Huskies' BCS dreams were pounded into place Sunday night with the release of the final BCS standings of the 2013 regular season.

NIU Drops To No. 23 In Final Coaches Poll

The last human polls of the 2013 regular season are out, and things aren't pretty for Northern Illinois

Mid-Major College Football Top 10: NIU Is Top Dog

Northern Illinois finally takes over the No. 1 spot after Fresno State goes down, but Ball State and Bowling Green also find themselves near the top in this week's poll.

NIU Ranked No. 14 In Week 14 BCS Rankings

The NIU Huskies just wrapped up an undefeated regular season and are one game away from a return trip to a BCS bowl after coming in at No. 14 in this week's BCS rankings.

Week 15 BCS Projections: Where Will NIU Stand?

The final in-season BCS standings are released tonight. Just seven days and one game stands between Northern Illinois and a potential second consecutive trip to a BCS bowl. Where will the Huskies be tonight when standings are revealed?

NIU Ranked No. 18 In Latest Coaches Poll

After finishing the regular season 12-0 NIU has jumped up to No. 18 in the latest USA Today Coaches Poll. But is it enough to prevent NIU from sliding in the BCS?

Mid-Major Top 10 Poll, Week 14: Fresno Still No. 1

The Mid-Major Top 10 Poll is back, and the top has survived a weird week but there's some new faces in the mxi further down.

Northern Illinois Ranked No. 14 In Latest BCS Poll

A week after slipping to No. 16 in the BCS rankings, the NIU Huskies are up to No. 14 and are well on the way to another BCS bowl berth.

NIU No. 20 In Latest Coaches Poll, No. 18 In AP

After another strong showing on national TV against a good opponent, NIU finally got some positive momentum in the AP and Coaches polls, albeit only slightly.

NIU Falls To No. 16 In Latest BCS Rankings

Sometimes, winning isn't everything. Such is the case for NIU this week as the Huskies find themselves slipping a spot in the latest BCS rankings despite an impressive win on national TV.

NIU Gets No Respect In Latest Coaches & AP Polls

Apparently coaches and AP voters were busy watching a Duck Dynasty marathon on A&E Wednesday, because they certainly weren't watching the NIU Huskies.

Mid-Major Top 10, Week 12: NIU, Fresno Both No. 1

With one less voter this week we find ourselves with an awkward tie at the top as NIU and Fresno State split votes this week.

NIU Ranked No. 15 In Lastest BCS Rankings

The Huskies are one step closer to a return trip to a BCS bowl after jumping into the Top 16 of the BCS rankings this week.

NIU Slips In To No. 21 In Latest Coaches Poll

Sometimes, things just don't make sense, like how NIU gets voted on in the major college football polls.

Mid-Major College Football Top 10, Week 11

Five MAC teams are represented in the poll this week, with another school waiting in the wings.

NIU Falls To No. 18 In Week 11 BCS Rankings

After blowing out UMass Saturday, the NIU Huskies actually slipped a spot in the BCS rankings this week.

NIU No. 20, No. 22 In Week 11 Coaches & AP Polls

The Huskies can't catch a break as they actually found themselves slipping a spot in one of the major college football polls this week after a 44-point victory over UMass Saturday.

Mid-Major College Football Top 10, Week 10

For the third straight week Fresno State and NIU come in at No. 1 and No. 2, but the gap between them has almost closed, and the Mid-Major College Football Top 10 poll curse has struck again.

NIU Ranked No. 17 In Latest BCS Standings

After blowing out the EMU Eagles on Saturday, the NIU Huskies find them just outside the first safezone that could put them back in a BCS bowl this winter.

NIU Moves Up In Both the Coaches and AP Polls

After a stylish victory the NIU Huskies have felt a slight bump in both the AP and Coaches poll's.