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Eastern Michigan turns athletic lemons into well done social media lemonade

EMU quickly turns negative attention into an eye-catching social media campaign

It's been a rough few days for the Eastern Michigan Eagles, but let it not be said that they have not capitalized on turning the lemons they have been dealt into lemonade. Open up the Twitter machine today and you're likely to find tweets like this one, courtesy of @EMUAthletics, with the #Comm1tted hashtag:

Gymnastics wasn't the only sport in on the fun, though.

It has likely not been an overwhelmingly fun several hours for EMU staff, but this is remarkably well done and they should feel proud. It speaks to the narrative that athletics are about a whole host of teams and sports beyond the major revenue programs, and quiets the noise about a switch from the current division. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find whomever is over training the swimming and diving program so I can get beach ready in a few days.