EMU football entrance video goes viral, fits lazy media narrative


Writing for MLive, Michael Niziolek defends the EMU football team's entrance, in which they smashed through a concrete wall, and calls out media that focused on it as "lazy".

EMU Introduction Fail


Who thought this was a good idea?

This Is Flat-Out Wrong, PJ FLeck


I missed this earlier today, but I think this is a low blow.

Watch Josiah Yazdani's Game-Winning Field Goal


Props to Instagram user nczeitgeist for catching this. Yes, that's a Mid-american Conference kicker actually making a field goal.

EMU Breaks Concrete Wall Before Punching In At Work


Would've been cooler with some Chris Jericho entrance music, but whatevs.

Eastern Michigan's Factory Field Is Open For Buisness


Here's a look at the EMU Eagles new grey field in "action".

Miami RedHawks Wearing New White Hawk Outline Helemts


I've never seen this helmet from Miami before. The all-white look, with the red silhouette of a RedHawk is actually a nice look. Certainly better than the confetti helmet they worse with these funky jerseys last year.

Report: Baltimore Ravens Cut Keith Wenning


The Baltimore Sun is reporting the Ravens have cut Ball State record breaking quarterback Keith Wenning.



"Hey guys, come watch this game between two bad teams because one team has to be worse than the other!"

This Demarius Reed Tribute Will Give You Chills


(via @JayJones863)

I'm really late on this, in large part because I didn't see this until just a few minutes ago. But this is fantastic. This is a tribute to Reed that I'm sure means a lot to the team. I absolutely love this.