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2014 MAC Football Recruiting Class Rankings Update: Jan. 31, 2014

There are only a hand full of days left until National Signing Day, but that doesn't mean the MAC recruiting classes are any more stable than before. Let's take a look at how the MAC Football recruiting classes currently stack up against one another.

P.J. Fleck is still safe atop the MAC recruiting class standings, for now.
P.J. Fleck is still safe atop the MAC recruiting class standings, for now.
Brian Kersey

Oh what a difference a week can make. We're now down to the final weekend before National Signing Day, and the recruiting class rankings are starting to see some shakeups. Some high-profile de-commitments and teams working double-time to reel in new recruits have lead to a game of musical chairs in the MAC recruiting class rankings.

A week agoToledo was firmly in second place, and had momentum swinging its way towards knocking off WMU as the top recruiting class. But after losing 3-star QB Travis Smith to Wake Forest (among others), the Rockets have slid down to No. 4. Buffalo now holds down the second best class in the MAC, despite losing a highly sought after commitment as well. The Bulls have picked up steam as of late, and currently have the second largest class.

Ball State just keeps hanging around the top. At this point it's fair to say that no matter what, Pete Lembo is going to bring in a Top 5 MAC class this year. Ohio and Northern Illinois flip-flopped this week, but are literally just fractions of a point apart from one another. However, NIU does keep losing commitments, which should be a cause for concern not just in the short term, but in the long run when it comes to Rod Carery's success in DeKalb. If a one-win team such as WMU can hang on to recruits far better than a team that played in its fourth-straight MAC Championship game, that could be trouble.

At the bottom of the rankings Eastern Michigan has actually leap-frogged Kent State, leaving the Flashes with the worst 2014 recruiting class in the MAC as things currently stand. Chris Creighton has been on a tear lately, hauling in commitments from several promising prospects.

Anyway, let's look at the 247Sports Composite Rankings:

Team Total Five Star Four Star Three Star Avg Points
1 Western Michigan 27 0 0 15 80.11 149.16
2 Buffalo 23 0 0 7 76.68 108.92
3 Ball State 18 0 0 6 77.78 107.08
4 Toledo 20 0 0 4 77.57 106.67
5 Northern Illinois 18 0 0 4 77.66 101.84
6 Ohio 21 0 0 6 76.05 101.29
7 Bowling Green 19 0 0 2 77.61 95.99
8 Central Michigan 18 0 0 1 77.29 89.9
9 Massachusetts 15 0 0 4 76.6 84.4
10 Miami (OH) 14 0 0 2 76.25 72.67
11 Akron 10 0 0 3 76.84 64.26
12 Eastern Michigan 9 0 0 3 76.28 53.41
13 Kent State 12 0 0 3 73.71 43.35

For those interested in seeing how the MAC is stacking up nationally, we'll do something about that next week. For now, stay on top of all MAC recruiting news by keeping tabs on our MAC Football Recruiting Hub