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National Signing Day 2014: Mid-American Football Recruiting Targets

With just two days to go before players can sign on the dotted line, several MAC schools are still making the final pitches to top targets. Here's a look at who the schools are still hoping to get.

EMU is in the hunt for Nick Jeanty, a 3-Star QB recruit, just days before Signing Day.
EMU is in the hunt for Nick Jeanty, a 3-Star QB recruit, just days before Signing Day.
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While there may not be much time left, schools are still going after a final few commitments to bolster up their 2014 recruiting classes. A team such as Western Michigan (28 commitments) will surely have less targets than a school such as Akron (10) but nonetheless, every school still has players they'd like to get.

Some of these players may be committed to other schools and the team's are hoping to flip them. Some may be looking at greyshirt offers (preferred walk-on spots), but what we're focusing on today is the known uncommitted targets, with offers, that MAC schools are still going after. We're using 247Sports target tracker for this list, so some players you may have heard are targets won't be listed. Let's hop to it:


The Zips have a long ways to go before Wednesday. Akron currently has the worst recruiting class in the MAC in several categories (size, ranking). While Terry Bowden may have gotten off to a slow start, there are a few players still on the Zips' radar.

Anthony Clark Akron (Buchtel) DE 6-4/250 3-Star Top 3
Jake Grant Reynoldsburg, Ohio (Reynoldsburg) OT 6-4/285 3-Star Top 4
David Jenkins Carrollton, Tex (Hebron) CB 6-1/195 3-Star Top 2
Logan Sedergren Concord, NC (Concord) OLB 6-3/197 2-Star Top 5

There are four players Akron is still currently after according to 247Sports. The Zips' class would receive a big bump if they could reel in all four, but even just pulling in two of these guys would help. The obvious big catch would be Anthony Clark. He's a hometown boy, a promising pass-rush specialist, and a top-60 DE prospect. Akron is still very much in the mix, but so are Pitt and West Virginia, and 247Sports is predicting that Clark will pick WVU.

Jake Grant and David Jenkins seem like locks for Akron. Grant doesn't have an offer from his other top schools yet, and it seems likely that he'll chose the Zips come Signing Day. Jenkins is a bit more interesting. His only other offer is from Indiana, but being a JUCO player he's going to want to go where he can play right away. Akron may not be a B1G program, but the Zips are on the rise and could surely find a spot for him to contribute at right from the start.

Then there is Logan Sedergren, an athletic outside linebacker. While Akron is still in the mix for him, Ball State is the clear favorite right now.


Again, remember we're only focusing on players with known offers. Ball State has several guys who could likely join as greyshirts, but only a pair of players on the radar for scholarships.

Logan Sedergren Concord, NC (Concord) OLB 6-3/197 2-Star No 1 Choice
Kayton Samuels Lithonia, GA (Arabia Mountain) DT 6-2/300 3-Star Top 2

As mentioned, Ball State is in the mix for Sedergren with four other schools, including Akron, but the Cardinals are his No. 1 choice right now, and considering the recent loss of 3-star OLB Vontae Diggs to UConn, it's likely that Lembo and his staff could step up their focus on the North Carolina prospect in the final days. OLB is a point of focus for the Cardinals with this class, so bringing in another one, especially an athletic one like Sedergren, would be huge.

The there's the big defensive tackle Kayton Samuels. This kid is a line clogger that Ball State fans should want. He's got decent speed and can stuff running lanes while still getting after the passer. Good news BSU faithful, the former Georgia State commit is down to two schools, with Ball State being one of them. The other choice is Syracuse, but considering Lembo's recent track record of success on the field, joining the Cardinals could prove more attractive.


The Falcons got their top target, WR Roger Lewis, back in early January, but there are still two players that 247Sports says they're going after hard.

Brock Hinkel Council Bluffs, IA (Iowa Western C.C.) TE 6-5/250 2-Star Top 4
Jimmy Moreland West Palm Beach, FL (Royal Palm Beach) CB 5-10/180 NR Top 5

Not much to be said about either of these players. Hinkel is a JUCO tight end, and could help replace Alex Bayer, but he's listed as "cool" on all four of his options right now, so anything could happen. Moreland is one of those raw players, that could develop into something, but isn't going to turn heads. 247Sports lists the former Coastal Carolina commit as likely to sign with Toledo according to it's Crystal Ball feature, but the Rockets just hauled in a commitment from 3star CB Dedric Benson, so that probably isn't going to happen. Right now his former choice, Coastal Carolina, is the school he's warmest on, but maybe the Falcons' recent success, and Dino Babers can woe him toward brown and orange.


Buffalo's class is fairly full already, but there are a few players to keep an eye on between now and Wednesday, including a former commit.

Otis Kearney Toms River, NJ (Toms River South) S 6-0/190 3-Star Top 5
Delane Hart Philadelphia, PA (Germantown) WR 6-3/180 3-Star Top 5
Nyeem Thomas Philadelphia, PA (Imhotep Institute) CB 5-9/170 NR Top 3
Marquel Dickerson Waldorf, MD (North Point) RB 5-9/186 2-Star Former Commit

Let's get Dickerson out of the way first. The former UB commit reopened his recruiting process recently after his offer was rescinded. Now, I know that means the odds of him committing to UB again are slim, but this is recruiting, and stranger things have happened. The fact is he's already familiar with the program, and they liked him enough at one point to offer him. His only other offer is from Toledo. If a scholarship opens back up he could wind up back with the Bulls. However, according to Bull Run (our sister site) his ACT score may have been an issue, in which case he may have to go prep school for a year to get that score up and preserve elgibility. Either way, Buffalo fans should watch closely.

Now onto the other names. Kearney would be a fantastic grab for the Bulls, but he appears likely to sign with Michigan State. Hart would also be a great get at WR. He's a big body, and comes from a talent rich area. The problem is UB is in the mix with four other schools, including Temple which has the hometown factor. Thomas would be a nice addition to the secondary as a project prospect, but he could go any way at this point, including to the FCS ranks. 247Sports predicts he will sign with temple though.


According to 247Sports, CMU has received commitments from all of its remaining targets. But considering how the Chippewas class is currently stacking up, fans better hope Dan Enos can snag a few more before Wednesday.


A few weeks ago EMU's 2014 recruiting class was the worst in the nation by a mile. The Eagles had just four commits after the whole Ron English debacle, and Chris Creighton basically had two months to build a class from nothing. Well, he's done a great job so far, and with just two days to go it wouldn't be surprising to see him pick up a few more 3-star recruits.

Nathan Oquendo Chicago (Mount Carmel) C (FB) 6-2/290 3-Star Top 5
Delane Hart Philadelphia, PA (Germantown) WR 6-3/180 3-Star Top 5
Carl Fuller Detroit (Detroit Martin Luther King) ILB 6-3/195 3-Star Top 5
Nick Jeanty Hollywood, FL (Miramar) QB 6-1/170 3-Star Top 5
Keyshawn Parrish Lithonia, GA (Martin Luther King Jr.) OG 6-3/300 2-Star Top 2

Let's talk about Oquendo first. Coming from Jordan Lynch's alma mater this 3-star center would be a good get for EMU, but WMU, Wyoming, Purdue and Illinois State are all in the mix as well, and there's not much detail out there about this guy. Oh, and just imagine this 290-pounder lining up at fullback for a moment would you. Shudders.

Hart, as we mentioned, is also in considering Buffalo, but seems willing go any way at this point. At 6-foot-3, with plus speed, he'd provide a good future weapon for Brogan Roback. Salivate away Eagles' fans. Fuller is another player that should have EMU fans drooling. He's a top-50 linebacker prospect, a top 20 Michigan prospect, and a Detroit native. If Creighton wants to send a message to fans that he will make recruiting Michigan, and Detroit specifically, a priority, getting a commit from Fuller would help that cause. He's also considering WMU, Toledo and Ball State, as well as Syracuse. 247Sports has a 70-30 split saying Fuller will go WMU, but again, the Broncos class is jam packed as it is, so maybe Creighton could pull this off.

One thing new coaches love to do is bring in a QB recruit in their first class. It's nothing against Roback, but he isn't Creighton's guy, and he could wind up not panning out. So Eagles fans should welcome the idea of brining in come competition. Jeanty would be a nice grab at QB. The pro-style hurler is the No. 70 PROQB in the 2014 class, and could step in and compete right away. He's also fielding offers from Ohio, UCF and Florida A&M, as well as New Mexico State which appears to be his likeliest landing spot.

Lastly, Parish seems to make sense considering Creighton's focus on the offensive line so far. The Eagles are in the running with South Alabama for this player.


The Golden Flashes recruiting class has done nothing but disappoint this year. Paul Haynes hasn't done a great job so far, and with what happened on the field this year, it should cause concern among fans. But judging by what 247Sports is listing as remaining targets, don't expect any more 3-star recruits between now and Wednesday.

Brandon Bailey Strongsville, Ohio (Strongsville) OT 6-6/275 NR Only Offer
Daiquan Copeland Virginia Beach, VA (Princess Anne) S/ILB 5-8/188 NR Top 2

Not too much to be excited over here. Bailey seems a sure thing to sign come Wednesday, seeing as Kent State is his only offer. But, he's not a top prospect, and would likely need years to develop. Copeland is another unranked player, vastly undersized for his position. He's too short and too small to be a factor in Division I football, which may be why he is also considering Salisbury College.


Mark Whipple is another coach who had to get to work once he took over. Charley Molnar's class wasn't anything to get all hot and bothered over, and some players deflected when he was fired, naturally. Whipple has done an OK job, but hasn't hauled in any big (relatively speaking, this is the MAC) prospects. But there's reason to have hope for seeing some splashes before Wednesday.

Vashon Tucker Elkton, MD (Eastern Christian) CB 5-11/178 3-Star Top 5
Jerrell Antoine Orlando, FL (Oak Ridge) ATH 5-11/160 2-Star Top 2
Mallory Claybourne Pittsburgh, PA (Renaissance Christian Academy) ATH 5-10/184 2-Star Top 2
James Oliver Tyrone, PA RB 5-10/185 NR Top 5
Ezekiel Edmonds West Palm Beach, FL (Royal Palm Beach) ATH 6-0/200 NR Top 2

First things first, let's talk about the high-impact recruits. Tucker is one of the top recruits out of the state of Maryland, and a Top 100 cornerback prospect. Adding him would be a huge get for a UMass squad that needs help all over. But he is currently down to five schools, with UMass being one of those, and the likes of UCLA, Rugers and UConn among the list as well.

Then there's Antoine, an athlete who would need to add serious bulk, but considering he's down to Florida A&M and UMass, being a FBS school is an advantage in UMass's corner. Claybourne is another 2-Star athlete who would probably be a slot type player. However, his clear favorite is Pitt, who hasn't offered him yet. At this point it likely comes down to whether or not he's willing to greyshirt for a year. If not, the Minutemen has a chance to swoop in and sign him at last minute.

Oliver, a lightening-quick running back, has only one offer, and that's from UMass, with 247Sports predicting he will sign with the Minutemen. Then there's also athlete Ezekiel Edmonds, a big athlete who has the size of a running back, and the height of a receiver. The former Coastal Carolina is down to two schools, his former choice, and the Minutemen. 247Sports predicts he will sign with UMass.


Miami's class has had a lot of ups and downs throughout the past few weeks. The RedHawks have added players, lost players, then added them again. But there really aren't too many players still left on the radar for them (at least that I can find).

Horatio Walker Norcross, GA (Norcross) OG 6-4/320 2-Star Top 3

Walker is the type of offensive line recruit that while he may not possess the best technique, has the size you can't teach. He's already bigger than most offensive lineman in the MAC and with some college level conditioning could improve his agility and technique. Adding Walker would be a nice addition to a class heavily focused on skill positions. The one-time Georgia State commit carries offers from Miami and San Diego as well, and doesn't appear to be leaning one way or the other (publicly) at this point.


NIU once had one of the better classes in the MAC, but right now seems destined for a middle of the pack finish. Part of the problem has been that other schools in the conference have had strong finishes, while the Huskies has also lost some commitments down the stretch. Still, there are a pair of commits the Huskies are targeting (according to 247Sports) that could help the class overall.

Herlandez Corley Mobile, AL (McGill Toolen) DE 6-3/210 2-Star Top 5
Will Daniels Green Bay, WI (Preble) WR 6-0/2-5 NR Top School

Corley visited the Huskies two weeks back, and is the kind of player that can't do much now, but could develop into a real steal down the stretch. He needs to build up his frame to be a successful defensive end in college, but could also convert to an outside linebacker. Either way, adding an edge rusher like Corley would be a nice get for Rod Carey and his staff. With offers from mostly FCS schools, NIU is the biggest program he's looking at, so there's plenty of reasons to be excited about him Huskie fans.

Then there's Daniels, an average-sized wide receiver with some interest from Wisconsin and Army, and offers from South Dakota and NIU. The Huskies, and their high-octane offense, are his top choice, and 247Sports is predicting that he signs with NIU. It'd be a nice addition to a class that already features a nice mix of wideouts.


Frank Solich always seems to have an ace up his sleeve for Signing Day, but 247Sports doesn't have the slightest clue to as to who the Bobcats could still be targeting. Ohio's class is solid already, but do expect to see a player or two you haven't heard mention of, likely from the military academy route that the 'Cats have had so much success pooling talent from.


Toledo recently lost a pair of 3-star recruits, including a top QB prospect,

Tim Wilkerson Katy, TX (Katy) DE 6-2/230 3-Star Top 3
Will Stanley Mesquite, TX (West Mesquite) WR 5-8/160 2-Star Top 3
Jemal Averette Olney, MD (Good Counsel) DT 6-2/285 NR Top 2
Bradley Ivey Mission, KS (Bishop Miege) ILB 6-2/218 NR Top 3

Wilkerson and Averette would be nice additions to a class that recently lost Ikeem Allen. Wilkerson, a top 100 DE is fielding offers from Texas State and Washington State as well as Toledo, but appears to have narrowed it down to those three schools. Averette is down to FCS Charlotte and Toledo, with Toledo hold the advantage of being an FBS school and playing on national TV.

Will Stanley is an athlete that runs a 4.46 40-yard-dash and would be a explosive prospect from multiple positions. Though he's down to three schools, with Toledo being one of them, 247Sports is predicting Louisiana-Monroe as his final choice. Then there's Ivey, an inside linebacker out of Kansas whose only FBS offer is from Toledo, but may be open to greyshirtng at a BCS school such as Oklahoma.

Expect to see Toledo add at least one of these players by Wednesday afternoon.


One would think that with a 28-person class already that WMU wouldn't be able to squeeze anymore into this class. Well, one would be wrong. While I don't have any specifics names, the rumblings are loud.