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2014 National Signing Day Live Chat: Let's Talk Mid-American Conference Football Recruitng

Is that a dial tone I hear? It must be National Signing Day! Welcome to the best recruiting coverage you'll find on the internet, where everything is always free, no annoying paywall here.

Jeremy Guy, Mid-American Conference

The coffee is brewed, the fax machine is on and humming, Twitter is abuzz. It's all for one thing: Signing Day. After months of speculation, scouting and following 17-year-old kids' every moves, it all comes down to today. National Signing Day marks the first day a player can make their verbal commitment to a school binding by signing their National Letter of Intent. Outside of the National Championship, there's no bigger event in College Football.

While the MAC may not haul in the top prospects that flock to national television to make their announcements, that doesn't make Signing Day any less important, or exciting. The fact is, whether you're a BCS contender, or a mid-major pretender, it all starts on the recruiting trail. Signing Day gives fans a glimpse at the future of their program. Let's take WMU for example. The Broncos had an abysmal season under first-year head coach P.J. Fleck. They struggled to compete, and managed to win just one game. But Fleck has been kicking ass on the recruiting trail. His work has got fans willing to look past the 1-11 mark, and be hopeful for the future. That's because with Signing Day comes a whole flock of new talent.

We'll be covering the whole event, for all 13 MAC schools, from start to finish. No other place on the web will give you as much comprehensive coverage of all things MAC recruiting as us. Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or here in our open thread, today is all about recruiting. The best part? It's all free. Oh, and our coverage looks pretty on mobile devices as well. We've already provided you some great resources to maximize what you get out of the day. But this is the easiest way to get your MAC recruiting fix. We'll be fielding questions throughout the day, and providing our big-picture analysis on the classes, and the signings as they roll in.

So, join in, dust off that old fax machine, and let's talk about MAC recruiting!