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2014 Recruiting: Eastern Michigan Lands In-State DE Lion King Conaway

Yes. His name is Lion King Conaway.

Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

First off, Happy National Signing Day! If you thought you could get away from Academy Award-winning Disney movies today, you had another thing coming.

Reported by Allen Trieu, the Eagles landed a late commit in Lion King Conaway.

Lion King Conaway.

The Lion King - Circle of Life (via essexboi1993)

Not that he's ever heard it all before, but the internet knows. If the internet didn't know before, we sure do now!

From Southfield, Mich., the defensive end was not rated highly on and I've yet to find anything over at, which has been a go-to site for us lately. He is listed at 6'4", 225 lbs., which is good size for an incoming defensive end.

I'll have a little bit more on Conaway once I find more on him and the full recap for Eastern Michigan's Signing Day recap goes up. Until then, enjoy your Signing Day and Hakuna Matata!