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Yesterday, the internet was 50 shades of crazy when everybody found out that Eastern Michigan's 17th Letter of Intent came in from a fellow named Lion King.

We all initially knew him as Lion King Conaway, but apparently, it's just Lion King.

He's always liked his name. Even early on in high school, he just pimped it out with the upmost amount of swagger.

"I like my name," says Lion King, who played on the freshman basketball team this year. On or off the court, his name attracts as much attention as a wildebeest in a pack of hyenas. When he meets new people, "They always say, ‘What? Are you serious? Is that your real name?' And then I say, ‘Yes.'"

(source: SB Nation)

That quote goes way back to his earliest of years in high school: the dreaded freshman year. You know, life as a freshman in high school would have been a lot easier if my mom and dad would've given me a name like that. Like, Buzz-Light Year Alvarado would've been nice, but even that came out three years after I was born, and I would've been stuck with "Dumbo" or something like that.

But still, that's got to be the coolest thing ever, right? Way to embrace your name like that, kid. Hakuna Matata.