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Dallas Cowboys have no idea where Darius Jackson went to school

As pointed out to me by @RobertHull124, the Dallas Cowboys screwed up big time with one of their draft picks. Their website currently says that Darius Jackson, a sixth round draft pick of theirs, went to Central Michigan. I can confirm that he went to Eastern Michigan.

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PJ Fleck, certified crazy person, good football coach, and all-around affable dude (not to mention, a snappy dresser,) just took recruiting to a new, weird level. He's famous for his GIGANTIC OAR and "Broncoese", but at the house of Jachour Pearson, Fleck not only rode a hoverboard quite expertly, he also TOTALLY ROWED THE BOAT WHILE DOING IT. WITHOUT FALLING. He is truly #ELITE.

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Northern Illinois is 3-0 in MAC play so here's Mark Montgomery going buck wild

NIU just beat Toledo to be the only team undefeated in MAC play. How does head coach Mark Montgomery celebrate? By starting a lawn mower and doing an impersonation of Link from Legends of Zelda, of course.

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Rob Murphy DABS ON EM

Huge win on Tuesday against Central Michigan, so Murphy celebrates like any good coach would. Tonight they have a big contest against Northern Illinois, so hopefully let's the #DABTRAIN keeps rollin'.

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These Bowling Green fans are Drake's spirit animals.

Dance like there's nobody watching, especially when your team is putting the hurt on Northern Illinois in the MAC title game.

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Terry Bowden dances(?) with the Akron marching band

I'm not sure if that's the stanky leg or if he just saw a really icky bug. Was hoping for a little bit more, but watching six seconds of Terry Bowden dancing is the best six seconds you'll spend on the internet today. h/t @ZipsFBVideo

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CMU football players pull of their best WWE impressions

Sometimes, you just gotta stop being football players for a moment and be professional wrestlers. Jadon Cook and Shafer Johnson (aka "Baby Undertaker" and "The Big Motion Picture ", respectively) put on a show for their fellow teammates, and Cameron Davis (@CDav38), a defensive back from the CMU football squad blessed the Internet with some video.

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Steve Hawkins just tweeted the most real thing ever


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Blake Frohnapfel steps out of the end zone. Safety for Kent State.

On the Massachusetts Minutemen's homecoming, legitimate NFL prospect Blake Frohnapfel did that I saw done in the NFL once. Of course, Frohnapfel had more pressure than Dan Orlovsky did, but you don't want to be trailing 15-10 to Kent State right now.

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Cody Tuttle slips on a banana peel while swinging a sledge hammer

Watch out for that banana peel

A video posted by Alex Alvarado (@aralvarado13) on

Football cleats, swinging a heavy object, foot landed right on the tarp, I guess this was bound to happen. Thankfully one of those cinder blocks didn't hurt his leg on that. At least it ended up being a light blooper.

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Central Michigan student-athletes tell us what Disney character they would most like to be

A burning question that ails us from childhood, a lot of the CMU athletes and coaches were asked what Disney character they would want to be and why. It's a part of CMU's Homecoming celebrtations, which is Disney-themed this year.

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Smooth move

Yesterday, Mike Minns' cleat came off during the Tennessee game. Knowing he couldn't come off the field in time, he played dead to stop the clock and get his substitute in. Dino Babers sure does know how to get his team ready for any possible turn of events on game days.

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Watch CMU players go ballistic over an ice cream truck

This just never stops being funny. Or awesome. Why doesn't happen after every practice everywhere?

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WMU gameday t-shirt video spoofs "Mean Girls"

Maybe mathlete and MC Kevin G will also be there in the stands?

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Dan Enos has an interesting urine-related nickname

Former CMU head coach Dan Enos has been quite the addition to the WOO PIG staff. Enos is so much a part of the family, he has a nickname related to a bodily function. In Fayetteville, he's known as "The Camel," since he has the urge to go to the bathroom every two hours. If you don't believe us, ask Bret Bielma in the above link.

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Two MAC schools named to The Princeton Review's Top Party School List

Every year, everyone looks for the top party schools in the nation, and once again, the Midwest (and the B1G) rules all, as Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin-Madison were the top three. However, there was also some #MACtion on the list, as Ohio was ranked 16th out of 20 schools, and Miami was ranked 19th based on parameters set by The Princeton Review, which can be found on their website. 380 schools were reviewed for the rankings, with the top 20 being ranked.

What Did They Say? This Week on HB Twitter

This week, we're letting someone else choose the best Tweets from Hustle Belt contributors. We'll try to stay on topic.

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UMass coach Whipple won't do "The Whip"

UMass football: "WATCH ME DOOOO ITTT." Mark Whipple: "No."

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Dear Walmart: BGSU is in Ohio, not Kentucky

This is really something. Something bad. Although to be fair, Western Kentucky University does sit in Bowling Green, KY. But still, you can do a Google search. For real. Like, it takes two seconds.