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2016 MLB Draft Recap: 15 selected, Eric Lauer first round pick by San Diego Padres

MLB: ALDS-Detroit Tigers at Baltimore Orioles Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This is certainly better than last year. 15 total players from the MAC were taken in the 2016 MLB Draft.

Kent State’s Eric Lauer led off as a first round pick for the San Diego Padres. Lauer was drafted out of HS in the 17th round by the Toronto Blue Jays, coming off of a junior season where he led the nation in ERA (0.69). Keegan Akin (Western Michigan) was taken by the Baltimore Orioles at 54 overall.

MAC Player of the Year Alex Call was the third from the conference to be selected (White Sox). He had a slash line of .358/.443/.667, had just as many walks as he did strikeouts (29) with 17 stolen bases.

The conference’s Defensive Player of the Year Deion Tansel was taken in the 32nd round by Tampa Bay.

Zach Plesac, the former Freshman All-American, was picked by the Cleveland Indians int he 12th round. Yes, the nephew of Dan Plesac.

Ball State led the MAC with four players taken, Central Michigan and Kent State both had three guys go from their programs. Akin was Western Michigan’s one and only player taken.

Eric Lauer (LHP, Kent State)

1st round, 25 overall

San Diego Padres

Keegan Akin (LHP, Western Michigan)

2nd round, 54 overall

Baltimore Orioles

Alex Call (OF, Ball State)

3rd round, 86 overall

Chicago White Sox

Andy Ravel (RHP, Kent State)

7th round, 222 overall

Toronto Blue Jays

Jarett Rindfleisch (C, Ball State)

9th round, 263 overall

Zach Plesac (RHP, Ball State)

12th round, 362 overall

Cleveland Indians

Conner Simonetti (1B, Kent State)

13th round, 394 overall

Washington Nationals

Mitch Longo (OF, Ohio)

14th round, 422 overall

Cleveland Indians

Mike Kaelin (RHP, Buffalo)

15th round 456 overall

Los Angeles Angels

Chad Sedio (SS, Miami)

27th round, 805 overall

Detroit Tigers

Nick Deeg (LHP, Central Michigan)

30th round, 905 overall

San Francisco Giants

Sean Renzi (RHP, Central Michigan)

32nd round, 956 overall

Chicago White Sox

Deion Tansel (SS, Toledo)

32nd round, 960 overall

Tampa Bay Rays

Zach McKinstry (SS, Central Michigan)

33rd round, 1001 overall

Los Angeles Dodgers

Colin Brockhouse (RHP, Ball State)

37th round, 1125 overall

Pittsburgh Pirates