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Minnesota 82, Toledo 56

This is not the Rockets team that we were hoping might give several teams scares, perhaps pull off some upsets, get to 20 wins and then sit out the postseason leaving us wondering "why." More like "what the heck." The team did OK with turnovers as a team, but Juice Brown had seven just by himself. They shot poorly (31 percent, 16 percent on threes) and were outrebounded 43-20. Just a terrible combination.

But their freshman Nathan Boothe had the best game, perhaps: 13 points on nine shots to go with seven rebounds. Rian Pearson was the game-high scorer with 18 points. Reese Holliday provided eight points and five rebounds. And despite the seven TOs, Brown had nine points and seven assists.

The Rockets fall to 0-2 and will gear up for another tough roadie through their Midwest tour: Wednesday at Northern Iowa.