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MAC Basketball Schedule, November 15

10:30 a.m. — Akron (1-1) vs. Oklahoma State (1-0) [TV: ESPNU]

Why so early? Because it's the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, silly. And it's a nice homecoming for Alex Abreu and Carmelo Betancourt, two native Puerto Rican point guards on Akron's roster.

It's also the third of three games the Zips will play without Nick Harney and Demetrius Treadwell. They're Big XII, sure, but finished 15-18 last year and remain a little undersized. Akron needs to hope their reserves come up big, and the same with Zeke Marshall, noted salsa dancer.

8:05 p.m. — Buffalo (0-2) at Evansville (0-1)

Evansville's loss was a nine-point defeat to Notre Dame. Both teams have had trouble scoring, and maybe it's the competition they faced, but it could be a "first to 50 wins" contest.