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Kent State 92, Chicago State 63

Well, jeez, it looked reasonably close when it was a 10-point KSU lead at halftime. But I guess winning the second half by another 19 made your point, Golden Flashes.

With the lopsided win, nobody had to play more than 25 minutes and everybody got in on the fun. It was Devareaux Manley who topped the team with 20 points in just 15 minutes. Chris Evans was excellent as usual with 14 points, eight rebounds, four assists and four steals. Randal Holt shot nicely with 15 points, and Mark Henniger got 11 points down low.

Turnovers were key: KSU had just six of them, compared to Chicago State's 20.

Next up for Kent State is Valparaiso on Sunday afternoon.