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Winthrop 50, Ohio 49

Winthrop has a recent history of making the NCAA tournament out of the Big South Conference. However Winthrop is not a very terrific team this year. Their 3-4 record was misleading, as all three wins came over non Division I teams. So their first win that "counts" came AT the Ohio Bobcats. That's simply brutal.

The Eagles were averaging about 75 points defensively, so by holding an efficient offense like Ohio's, sure, give some credit to Winthrop. But 17 turnovers and awful shooting nights by DJ Cooper, Walter Offutt and Ivo Baltic (combined 4-for-27). Reggie Keely had a decent day, though: 6-for-6 from the floor for 14 points.

Now Ohio has lost three of four games, two of those to remarkably lesser talent. I'm not sure what's happening here, but there shouldn't be cause for panic. But they have some more touch nonconference bouts in the recent future, starting with UMass on Wednesday.