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Toledo 98, Siena Heights 58 (Exhibition)

The Rockets scheduled this exhibition game because of their APR penalties slashing their nonconference schedule, so they arranged this little matchup to keep them fresh. And fresh they were, even if it was a 3-8 NAIA team. The SHU Saints were in it for about seven minutes before the Rockets started rolling.

The only notable thing about this game is that, with AJ Mathew having transferred away, they had an open spot on the team and invited a kid named Brandon Schwiebert, a senior with one semester left of eligibility, to walk on for the team. He's a former practice squad member for the UT women's team, and in 18 minutes Schwiebert scored nine points on 4-for-6 shooting, had one rebound and one assist.

So the win doesn't count for them, they remain at 3-6 and their next real game is December 29 against UIC.