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Central Michigan 92, Texas State 80

Well, Keno Davis sure has the Chips scoring in bunches, doesn't he? They now have 172 points in their last two matches, and hey, outscoring the other team is the whole point. CMU led merely 42-40 at halftime and just got some extra juice to put away the Bobcats in the second half. The triumvirate of John Simons, Kyle Randall and Austin Keel combined for 52 points on 27 shots and made 16-for-19 free throws. Just an excellent showing for them.

And — history lesson time. It was the most points CMU scored in a game since a 100-96 win against Buffalo in 2007, but they required two overtimes for it. They had a 100-34 win over Division II Tiffin earlier that season, if you want to count it, which I won't. OK, the last non-overtime game where CMU put 92 points on a Division I team was March 14, 2003 against NIU in the MACT, where they won 94-72. Whew.

CMU is now 6-4 and gets an interesting neutral site game against Nebraska on Saturday.