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Kent State 77, Fairmont State 75


Fairmont State is a curious little Division II school in West Virginia who averages 87 points per game, as well as 87 points in their two previous losses. If you're into Division II hoops, perhaps they're a keep to keep an eye on, because I don't see any abnormal wacky weird 3-point shooting rates on this team. In fact they were just 7-for-18 from three yesterday, and actually had a chance to swish a 3-pointer on the final possession to upset the Golden Flashes. Instead, it clanked harmlessly off the rim and Kent State, who beat Nebraska, narrowly avoided an embarrassing loss.

But it's the story arc of the game which should give the Flashes concern. FSU's last lead was with 9:08 left in the first half and at one point KSU was up by as much as 17 in the second. But Fairmont kept pecking away, including using a 10-0 run late to come within two points in the final minute. Kent State missed three of their last four free throws, which kept the door ajar.

But sometimes a two-point win against a D2 game is almost as eye-opening as a loss. Chris Evans scored 27 points and nine rebounds, sure, but his missed free throw at the end nearly gave Fairmont a chest-thumping moment.

Kent State ends their OOC slate on Wednesday at Cleveland State.