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Kent State beats Buffalo 80-68 in foul-a-thon

Everybody struck everybody in an ugly victory for the Golden Flashes, and another brilliant Javon McCrea performance hath gone to waste.


When I played basketball in elementary school, I was never good for many reasons, one of the minor ones being I didn't like to foul people. I felt bad, and I didn't like the game stopped on my account. When you play basketball you can't be held back by this, and nobody in Kent State or Buffalo could keep their hands to themselves. 55 total fouls were called and five people were disqualified, including four Kent State bigs. By comparison, Toledo-WMU had the next most fouls with 44 total.

Darren Goodson fouled out after 25 minutes of play, which is respectable. Mark Henniger, Melvin Tabb and Bryson Pope all fouled out after 22 TOTAL minutes on the floor -- eight, eight, and six. Auraum Nuiriankh also picked up five fouls for Buffalo, his fourth DQ of the year.

In terms of the win, it was basically a feast for Randal Holt knocking down shots and the Flashes defense exposing the true weakness of UB (turnovers) on the other side.

I am starting to feel for Javon McCrea, who is starting to turn into a Julian Mavunga of brawn and ability on a team struggling to find a win. They're now 0-3 in the MAC.

Top players:
Chris Evans, Kent State: 25 points (9-15, 1-3 3PT, 6-10 FT), 14 rebounds, 4 steals, 2 blocks, 2 assists, 1 TO
Randal Holt, Kent State: 27 points (7-12, 5-5 3PT, 8-8 FT), 7 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal
Javon McCrea, Buffalo: 33 points (9-12, 15-15 FT), 10 rebounds, 4 blocks, 2 steals, 2 TO