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The dreaded 30 points, 10 rebounds

When a great stat line goes horribly wrong.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Poor Javon McCrea. I mean, no sympathy for him is needed: he's a big boy and strong and good at basketball. But you can tell he'll have a mightily productive season — MAC Player of the Year perhaps — but this Buffalo team is not going to compete for the MAC East. They're 0-3 and have lost to Ohio, Kent State and Miami. They'll find five or six wins in there, maybe even poke their head in and steal a win from Akron or something, but on the whole it's going to be "how bad did they lose" and "what did McCrea do?"

When UB lost to Kent State 80-68 on Wednesday, McCrea had one of the best lines by a MAC player this year: 33 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks on 9-12 shooting and 15-15 from the free throw line. That's incredible. It's also a sign that, for some reason, you're going to lose.

Player Team Opponent Date Score Pts Rebs
Javon McCrea Buffalo Kent State 1/16/13 L 80-68 33 10
Javon McCrea Buffalo Milwaukee 12/5/12 W 72-52 31 11
Mitchell Watt Buffalo Ohio 3/9/12 L 77-74 32 11
Brandon Bowdry EMU Michigan State 11/12/10 L 96-66 32 15
Brandon Bowdry EMU Detroit 12/11/10 L 68-65 31 19
Xavier Silas NIU Ball State 2/3/10 L 71-66 30 10
Romeo Travis Akron BGSU 2/24/07 W 93-87 37 11

Perhaps it will be a mystery why 30 points and 10 rebounds is a bad omen. Maybe it's just a coincidence, as are most things. But what about 29? Isn't 29 points enough? Pass the ball to one of your open teammates, man. He'll reward you.