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January 2 MACsketball Schedule

6:00 p.m. — Kent State at Cleveland State (
Last year KSU lost a close one to the Vikings, 57-53. Always a frequent OOC opponent of the MAC, they're 3-1 against us this year, with the loss being a 30-point laugher against Akron. Before that, Clevleand State actually held an 11-game winning streak against the MAC. Perhaps it's time to start a new one; KSU didn't look too good against Fairmont State.

6:00 p.m. Eastern Michigan at Kentucky (ESPNU)
Not entirely sure why this game exists, but I'm guessing it's because Kentucky wanted a win heading into SEC play. It's going to be on the Eagles defense to slow this down into a half-court game. It's their only chance of making the score respectable.

7:00 p.m. Norfolk State at Ball State (MACDN)
Remember these guys? Norfolk State are the ones who took down Missouri in the first round of last year's NCAAT. Since then they've succumbed to two four-game losing streaks, and they're in one right now. Their last MAC game was last year at Ohio, in which they were drubbed 92-56. But Ball State has no wins over anybody decent, although both teams have very similar statistical profiles. Could be a close one, with the slight nod going to the home team.

7:00 p.m. Coppin State at Akron (MACDN)
Out of the MEAC, the Coppin State Eagles are just 3-11 with two D1 wins and a difficulty scoring, ranking 315th in points per possession. This might be another time for Akron's offense to come out of its shell and run away with a victory.

7:00 p.m. UMass at Miami (OH) (MACDN)
Miami's a curious team. Their record's right about where I thought it would be, and while this game won't make/break how competitive they'll be in the MAC, they smell like a team that can surprise some people. UMass, meanwhile, is winning all their close games. They're 8-3 with their largest margin of victory being nine points, and that was against Ohio. They were soundly beaten in their three losses (10+ points) and are coming off a five-point win at NIU, so they appear to be a team that's hanging on. The RedHawks might be able to do this.

8:05 p.m. Buffalo at Tulsa
You could make an argument for Tulsa being the "Buffalo of the Midwest." The one time I visited Tulsa, it was hot. REALLY hot. I was there for two weeks and hotness was its main game. Tulsa basketball isn't a terribly hot thing, and neither is Buffalo. So that's something in common.