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Kentucky 90, Eastern Michigan 38

I ask only because it's a half-serious question: where were the paramedics halfway through this game? By halftime it was 38-14 Wildcats, and the second half was only more painful; UK won that half 52-24. So EMU was unable to score more points in 40 minutes than Kentucky did in either half. Nothing about this was pretty: UK's field goal percentage was over twice that of the Eagles (52 to 24 percent) as was their rebounding numbers (43 to 28).

A 52-point loss when one scores only 38 points is ... unfortunate. EMU last suffered a 50-point loss in 2009 when they fell 111-60 to Ohio State. The last time they lost by 52 points was 1987, when Michigan thumped them 115-63.

Eastern did have a 3-0 lead, though. If only games were a minute long.

And that's enough discussion of that game. But it should be known that Eastern took a page out of the Miami Book of Torture by playing Kentucky, Michigan and Syracuse this year. But they also played Rochester College, Madonna and Siena Heights, meaning that if you schedule three NAIA schools in one year, you may become one.

Just one more nonconference game to go for the Eagles, who are now 7-6. and it's Saturday at UMass.