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Akron keeps on winning, BGSU keeps on reeling

Once again the Zips demonstrated why they haven't lost since December 15. But while Bowling Green had no chance of winning, signs are positive around the emergence of a third scorer.


Say this about Bowling Green basketball, they're making their opponents look great lately. Toledo had a difficult time missing on Saturday, and this time it was Akron who put down the hammer.

Akron is not a perfect team but they are playing incredibly well. They are enjoying second-longest winning streak in the country (behind Kansas) for a reason. No, they are not very good at free throws. They didn't even take many. But when you watch them on offense, they have a great understanding of their teammates' presence, and 17 assist on 28 baskets made is proof of that. They made BG really uncomfortable defensively, forcing some awkward rotations and turning hard work into high-percentage shots.

We know about Zeke Marshall and his 15 points came with relative ease, but the emergence of Demetrius Treadwell into a complete player is a bigger reason they're tough to beat. He had 10 points, 11 rebounds and four assists.

As for Bowling Green ... well, the good news is it wasn't the same song and dance with Jordon Crawford and A'uston Calhoun getting their points and nobody else helping out. In fact, Crawford and Calhoun had miserable games offensively: they combined for just 16 points on 3-for-24 shooting. The Zips would not let them have anything easy — they wanted someone else to beat them. And on that note, Chauncey Orr tried to: he was making shots all night led the team with 16 points of his own. Craig Sealey added 10 points. And — AND — Zeke Marshall didn't block a single shot. Those were all positive signs, but there was no way they were going to beat Akron last night. Not with the way they're playing.

Also keep in mind, selection committee: that 16-4 record is tremendous but two of those losses were overtime defeats at the beginning of the year, when compliance paperwork boners kept Treadwell and Nick Harney — their second- and third-leading scorers — off the court.