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Just a Miracle Short

Western Michigan entered the second half down by 18 points, and seemingly little hope to get back in the ball game.

However, a 34 point second half brought them within a point with ten seconds to play with the ball. A double team at the top of the key forced a turnover to kill the dream, and push BG to a 55-53 win, but the outcome was OK for first year head coach Shane Clipfell

"I want to first say that I am very proud of this team," Clipfell said.

Bowling Green's first year head coach Jennifer Roos felt that though the second half was a rough one for her team, she was not going to tout on it and move on to her next opponent, Central Michigan.

"We are not going to look at this game. Our focus will be on Central Michigan," Roos said.

BG's points were much more spread out than Western Michigan. WMU had four players in double figures, three of which scored 12 points. they were Marquisha Harris, Miracle Wood and Aurelle Anderson. It was Anderson who said that she gave a halftime prep speech that fired her team up.

"I gave a speech at half time...[I said] we are on the same boat, and this boat is sinking. I can't swim, so you guys need to help me out," Anderson said.

Her speech worked. Instead of bickering at each other about what was going on, they instead focused on the positives and got their team back in the game.

It was a heartbreaking ending to the Broncos who have so much to be proud of. Clipfell spoke about the toughness and character of Woods, who was probably the target to the last play of the game.

"[Woods] is tough, but in the first half she was getting down on herself. I told her to stay in the game and she did," Clipfell finished.

The Falcons will now go one to face Central Michigan n what is sure to be a barn burner. Last year the two matched up to play one of the most memorable MAC Tournament games in its history. Central Michigan came away with the win.


I will be doing a series as to who has the best band in the Mid-American Conference.

With WMU and BGSU squaring off, the winner of this fight was Bowling Green. The reason for this was not because they hit better keys, but because they figured a way to insert their chant "B G S U" into the Western Michigan fight song. It was enough to get them the nod.