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Buffalo Beats Miami 82-70

It was not Buffalo's last five minutes that won them the game, it was the minutes between ten and five that counted. There that they extended their lead to nine points, a deficit that Miami was not able to overcome.

The Bull's Mackenzie Loesing scored 8 points in that span. She totaled 19 of her 24 points in the second half, and led her team to victory.

Buffalo won the game running away, 82-70.

Throughout the first half, the teams went back and forth. They finished it with a 30-30 tie. The game was pretty intense up to the final 10 minutes, as the teams continued to go back and forth.

For Miami, Kirsten Olowinski had 25 points, and the loss marks the end of Courtney Osbourn's career. She finished the day with 19 points. The two were not able to pull their team to victory.

Battle of the Bands:

In this match up between Miami and Buffalo, Buffalo destroyed their competition. They KO'd Miami in the first half, and then piled on them in the second. At the end of the game, after handshakes and all of that, Buffalo's coach Felisha Legette-Jack ran over to the band and celebrated with them. She called them "Awesome". I am interested to see if they can keep the intensity for tonight's men's game.

They also played the Family Guy theme song, so...