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Buffalo defeats Ball State

Buffalo's second half blew the doors off their second round game against Ball State.

Trailing at the half 36-30, the Bulls fought all the way back to win the game 76-61.

The major story was Will Regan, who scored 36 points, 25 points in the second half, and received a standing ovation when he left the court with 14 seconds to play and the game in hand.

"He definitely had it going on tonight," said Berry Jesse of Ball State.

Regan was excited about his day, but made sure that people knew he was just getting started.

"It was just one game. It does not mean I made it. I still have a lot of work to do to turn the corner." Said Regan,

One of the problems that Buffalo head coach Reggie Witherspoon saw in the first half was that his team was getting dominated on the boards. This was true, as he team was out-rebounded by nine. They finished down by six. However, with Regan knocking down threes, it was not too bad of thing.

The reason why Regan got so hot? He got a couple good looks earlier on, which allowed him to get in rhythm.

Ball State head coach Billy Taylor said that Regan was able to knock down a couple at the start of the half, and went on a rampage afterwards.

Also for Buffalo, Javon McCrea scored 18, and played a big role in the win.

Buffalo will play Kent State tomorrow at 6:30.

Battle Of The Bands:


Picture Taken by Justin Lada

This was the toughest decision that I ever had to make. Both clubs gave it all, but in end it came down to one miscue on Buffalo's side. With under three minutes to go, they started Sweet Caroline, but failed to get to the chorus. The slip up cost them the game. Meanwhile, the Ball State band performed the Jefferson's theme song, Enter Sandman and Queen. Along with that, they performed a "Bull S*** chant. It gave them the win.