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That was Spectacularly Awful

Wow, that was a really bad game. Miami went on a 10 minute streak without scoring a field goal. Not a single field goal. They hit like three free throws in that span. It was really bad. Will Regan of Buffalo scored 25 points in the second half, Miami finished with 22.

I was going to name this a forgettable game, however I am afraid I will ever forget the travesty that happened on this court.

It was cutting the fat. It is a shame that Bowling Green was not able to beat these guys. It would have saved us this brutal game. I mean really, what an awful experience and way to finish day one.

Eastern Michigan was not much better, don't get me wrong. EMU barley got over 50. They only cracked it with under two minutes to play..

And then the time outs at the end of the game. I understand a coach wanting to coach up his players and help them build momentum going into the next round. But what was Rob Murphy saying?

"Make a damn shot! Please, make a damn shot!"

Watching this game made you wonder if you even like basketball anymore. We sat in an empty Q Arena watching Miami turn the ball over 21 times. My head is hurting, my eyes are watering-- I want to go home.

How did Michael Reghi call this game? How in the world is someone suppose to keep an audience interested? It dragged, and it was not even that long of game. This was horrible

The only positives of the night was three dunks that EMU got off in the closing minutes. Miami has stopped playing and EMU just ran to the rim.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better. EMU will take on WMU at 9:00.

Battle Of The Bands

In this match up, it was Eastern Michigan that came through. Miami again was quiet and kind of boring. While the EMU band came through with Gangnam Style and Celebration time. They also chanted and did all the good stuff though. Plus, one of the trombone players had a blue trombone for Miami...their colors are red and white...