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Central Routs Bowling Green

That was not pretty.

Central Michigan played better in every facet of the game, and left Bowling Green head coach Jennifer Roos dreaming of an WNIT bid.

Christal Bradford played outstandingly well, scoring 23 points in the game, she explained that before, after she shot the ball, that she would pose. After her coaches words, she is following through and cleaning up any ones missed.

She cleaned up the six rebounds in the game.

As well as the Central offense played, their defense was strong as well.

Central early on changed into a 2-3 defense from man, and that threw BG completely off their game. Central went on a 21-0 run which pretty much ended the game in the first half.

Next, Central will play Toledo at 12:00 tomorrow

Battle Of The Bands:

This one was a no brainer. Central Michigan probably won this one within the first two minutes. They produced signs that read "Bowling Green misses all the shots" (Adventure Time) and "U Mad Bro", chants that included strong transitions like fundamentals to lets go Central and the combination between their drummer having a mohawk and playing the power ranger theme song they KO'd their competition. It was really good.