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Dinning Room Update

Though the MAC decided to limit its media members to one time through the line this time (You can probably blame myself for that from last year).

For today:

In the morning we started off with more of a lunch menu. And it was very good. I had some Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese. For desert one chocolate chip cookie. The meal was very solid, plus I learned from day one and got an extra scoop of everything.

The evening meal was good. It was not special, however it was not bad.

The best part was the mash potatoes (skins mixed in). However I made the fatal mistake of mixing it with my mix vegetables. I usually like it like that but it just did not go as I planned. They also had barbecue ribs, which were solid, but I am not a huge rib guy to be honest.

After all this, I am well fed and ready for the final two games of the night.Di