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Clean up from last night

I need to work on my stamina.

These late night (9:00 is late to college students like me) games are tough to cover when you have already wrote (poorly) about three games.I want to clean up a few things from last night.

1) Eatsern is actually spelled Eastern

2) Western won, and will play Ohio tonight.

3) It was Western Band that won the Battle of The Band as well. They had a giant banana that they used as a prop. It was very good. I got a picture of their mascot holding it. The band would use it when Eastern was attempting free throws at their end.


No one said it was a good picture.

As for today,

(women's) #4 Central plays #1 Toledo at 12:00

(women's) #3 Akron plays #2 Ball State at 2:30

(men's) #4 Kent State plays #1 Akron at 6:30

(men's) #3 Western Michigan plays #2 Ohio at 9:00

Top four seeds are going at it in both tournaments!

Lets do it.