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Central Michigan Eliminates Toledo,66-61

The Central Michigan Chippewas faced adversity today--particularly foul trouble.

With eight minutes to go, both Crystal Bradford and Taylor Johnson had four tagged on them. They were forced to play little defense, and watch driving the lane. It took them out of their game, which in turn put Toledo in theirs.

If it was not for that, Toledo would have probably been blown out. Bradford was just getting started before she had to pull the reigns. Toledo seemed dead in the water.

However, with less than 30 seconds to go, UT was only down by one. A push off (it looked like a flop from my vantage point) gave them the ball. However, a missed shot killed all hopes that the rockets had.

Battle Of The Band

Central Michigan again came out strong and won. They at times were as loud as the Toledo force, which says a lot.