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It's an Akron Kind Of Day

The University of Akron Zips men's and women's basketball team won their semifinals game, setting up a Zip double header tomorrow at the Q.

The Akron Zips women's team held off Ball State and the Zips men's team did the same to Kent State to clinch births into the finals Saturday afternoon and night.

The Akron women went into halftime with a double digit lead, but soon found out that punching their ticket would be a lot harder than that. Ball State actually took the lead for a second, but Akron dominated the final two minutes and won the game falling away.

Hanna Luburgh was the saving grace for the Zips. She came through with 33 points, non bigger than a three that she hit from the corner to put her team up by three with one minute to play. They were able to feed off the momentum and secure a victory.

For the men's team, it was a lot harder. They held a three point lead at half, but fell behind six points at one time in the second half. It was the big men that helped Akron win he game--it sure was not their free throw shooting. Treadwell and Marshall combined for 32 points. They played huge, and Marshall had four fouls on him for the last five minutes of the game.

The woman will play Central at 1:00, while the men will play at 6:30 against defending champions Ohio.

This should be really fun (for at least me).