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Jordon Crawford to the rescue again as Bowling Green rallies to beat Buffalo

The Falcons split the series against the Bulls with a 76-65 victory. The senior point guard hoisted up 26 points on Senior Night, setting up a potential clustery four-way tie in the MAC standings if everything falls into place.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Bowling Green has had fun players in recent years. John Reimold was a tough customer who looked like he would keel over after about every play, but stayed in and played tough. Scott Thomas was a versatile chameleon who could go from menacing wing player to irritating quarterback of the full-court press. Martin Samarco just took a bunch of shots, and it was mesmerizing. Nate Miller and Dee Brown both had smooth, effective jumpers. Torian Oglesby could dunk. Kevin Netter was tall.

Jordon Crawford is short. His game is hit or miss, but it is always wildly entertaining. If all goes according to play, this will have been his last game at the Stroh Center — and what a way to remember him.

Crawford's line: 26 points on 9-for-13 shooting, 3-for-4 on 3-pointers, four assists and four steals. Twenty of his points were in the second half when they clearly need someone to carry them. It's not that they shot poorly in the first half — just over 40 percent — but Buffalo was unstoppable, making 57 percent of their shots from the floor. Everyone was getting in on the fun: Javon McCrea, Cameron Downing, Jarryn Skeete and Tony Watson all had solid first halves. The real turning point was Cameron Black slowing down McCrea, who had just five points and four turnovers in the last 20 minutes, allowing the pint-sized senior to take over on the other side.

As for the other starting senior, A'uston Calhoun had one of his typical games: 18 shots to make 15 points. He won't be remembered as the most efficient power forward in BGSU history. He's been modestly reliable and had some great games, but never quite turned into that perennial All-MAC big man. Maybe our expectations were too high? That's our own fault, if so.

Then there were the role player seniors: James Erger and Luke Kraus both started, but were held scoreless.

This puts BGSU at 7-9, just like Buffalo, and they can win the 5-seed and a first-round bye into Cleveland for the MAC tournament provided Ball State and Eastern Michigan also lose to NIU and Toledo, respectively. This would put BGSU, Buffalo, Ball State and EMU into a four-way tie for 7-9, with BGSU winning the four way head-to-head tiebreaker (3-1). But this doesn't seem to be a likely outcome, so maybe Crawford has one more entertaining game left him at the Stroh.