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Scandal! Chris Evans is three inches shorter than advertised

Apparently many schools stretch the height of their players by measuring them in shoes, which adds about an inch. But THREE inches?

Artful cropping can also make a player look shorter.
Artful cropping can also make a player look shorter.

At the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, last week, several NBA hopefuls suited up in scrimmages against each other, and one of the players included was Kent State's dunk maestro Chris Evans. This tournament is apparently is a chance for NBA scouts to see players beyond video and statistics, and also get player measurables for themselves. Run The Floor has a complete list of players who measured shorted than their college bio (h/t Hickey) and the post prefaces their findings by saying that it's pretty common for schools to record their height while wearing shoes, which can add maybe about an inch. But anything more than that can start to be a little suspect.

Chris Evans, who Kent State purports to be 6-foot-8-inches, is actually 6-foot-5 without shoes. I couldn't find where Run The Floor got this information, but Evans' DraftExpress profile says he's 6-5 without shoes, so it's out there.

I'll admit that I may lean on the height of a player when analyzing an upcoming game, so if it's a bit inaccurate then that's going to throw off my game preview, leaving me to be furious for upwards of six seconds. But the dude could play and that should make scouts even more impressed that he was able to do this to Zeke Marshall, the conference's premier NBA prospect, so you may as well throw that tape measure into the waste bin, varmint, because that's two points the fun way.