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MAC Men's Basketball Open Thread - Wednesday, Jan. 22

Are you addicted to MAC Hoops? Feel like no one understands what you're going through? Well pull up a chair and come on in to the MACsketballaholics Anonymous support group, where we don't focus on what's wrong with you, we help you deal.


What's better than an evening inside, with a warm beverage and MAC Hoops on the laptop? NOTHING!

We all know we're addicted to MACsketball, which is alright, because we've got a support group meeting tonight! With four games on tap, there's plenty of MAC Hoops to consume in the safety of a group environment. Per usual, we'll be doing lots of chatting to help deal with the feelings of anger, disappointment and pure elation that often comes with consuming MAC Hoops.

Wednesday, Jan. 22
Central Michigan Miami 7 p.m. MACDN
Bowling Green Ohio 7 p.m. MACDN
Northern Illinois Toledo 7 p.m. MACDN
Akron Eastern Michigan 7 p.m. MACDN