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2014 MAC Basketball Power Rankings: Week 3

We have a new number one, making the jump from the fourth spot last week.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When you are undefeated and have the best record in the league, you deserve to be number one. That's what our voters thought, as Eastern Michigan jumped from the fourth spot last week to number one this week:

Rank Team Last Week
1 Eastern Michigan 4
2 Western Michigan 2
3 Akron 3
4 Toledo 1
5 Buffalo 6
6 Bowling Green 8
7 Central Michigan 9
8 Ohio 5
9 Kent State 7
10 Northern Illinois 10
11 Miami 11
12 Ball State 12

So that was a big jump. The Eagles are undefeated and playing well, but really haven't been tested too much as of yet. Toledo falls after a couple of losses to Horizon League teams Detroit and Oakland, and Bowling Green only rises two despite knocking off a team that beat Toledo (Detroit). The Falcons are still undefeated and have the best wins of the undefeated teams left, so they will likely keep rising.

Ohio fell after losing at home to Belmont, which isn't a bad loss at all. Certainly Ohio is not worse than Central Michigan, but that's the way the votes shook out.

What are your rankings through the first month of the year?