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2014 NCAA Tournament Bracket: Get Your Printable Bracket Here


The 2014 conference tournaments are all but over (ours ended Saturday night) marking the unofficial start of one of America's biggest unofficial holiday: March Madness. Millions of hours and possible billions of dollars are wasted each year on a little sheet of paper: The Bracket.

We spend hours analyzing lineups, trends, history, or in some cases just mascots (true story, the best I ever did in a bracket challenge was by going off jersey colors—yeah, don't ask me how I got to be manager of this site) all in hopes of just getting close to have a perfect bracket. Ah, NEAR-perfection, how we adore you so.

The best thing about March, and the way the nation shuts down for the college basketball tournaments is that everyone seems to get swooped up in the action, both fanatics, casual onlookers and the hopelessly clueless hipsters or moms/dads who don't know the first thing about college basketball but love being apart of one of pop culture's biggest events of the year.

The bracket was released Sunday night and you can download a printable copy of it here for all your bracket challenge (paper ball making) needs.

You can get the printable PDF version of it HERE