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Jeff Boals, Dustin Ford, Other Assitants Not Candidates For Ohio Job

We've already known that Ohio athletic director prefers to go outside of the program for his next coach, but now it appears he's putting even more restraints on possible options.

If true this eliminates several big named assistants who appeared to be favorites for the job. Dustin Ford, current assistant at Illinois and a former Ohio player, and Jeff Boals, current assistant at Ohio State and a former Ohio player, were each considered fan favorites for the position. Now it appears neither will get so much as an interview.

Bacari Alexander, an assistant at Michigan and another name fans were hoping for,  would also fall into the mix.

This move may seem silly, but it makes some sense. Ohio's not in the same place it was two years ago, or even six years ago. The program, though proven, is in the midst of a bit of roster overhaul. The coach that comes in will have some work cut out for them. By limiting his options to coaches with former head coaching experience he's eliminating the big splashy assistants from the pool but focusing on proven winners instead.

Suddenly a name such as Saul Phillips, the North Dakota State head coach, make a lot more sense. In fact Phillips is rumored to be heading to Athens some time soon.