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Kent State Players K.K Simmons, Tyler Scott, Devin Carter To Trasnfer

Tyler Scott, K.K Simmons, and Devin Carter have all decided to transfer out of the Kent State University basketball program as expected.

Kent State's woes continue under Rob Senderoff.
Kent State's woes continue under Rob Senderoff.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Well if this isn't the bottom for Kent State basketball, I don't want to know what is.

Elton Alexander of the Cleveland Plain Dealer confirmed that three Golden Flashes men's basketball players—Tyler Scott, Devin Carter, and K.K Simmons—will all go their separate ways. Kent State's roster decimation continues, and the Flashes downward spiral looks to continue into next season.

Simmons probably contributed the most of the three men leaving. He averaged 12.8 minutes a game and 4.4 points per game. He shot 41 percent from the perimeter. Simmons, a transfer out of UNC Wilmington, was going to be a redshirt junior next year. My guess is that he will not transfer to another Division I school. If he chooses to go that route, he will have to sit out another year, which will leave him with only one year of eligibility.

Scott was a redshirt freshman out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was a stud at Gateway High School, which is why it was somewhat alarming that he saw the court so scarcely this past season. He played in only five games all year, averaging 1.3 minutes per game. I would guess Scott will be headed back home to either Duquesne or Robert Morris University.

Carter, a sophomore transfer out of Lake Land Junior College, played in only 13 games and averaged 7.2 minutes per game. According to one source, Kent State was Carter's only Division I offer, so he may be headed to the ranks of Division II, especially since transferring to another DI school would mean redshirting..

Kent State's roster turnover is starting to get out of control. Along with the losses of seniors Darren Goodson and Mark Henniger, the Flashes also lose Melvin Tabb who was dismissed from the team late in the season.

Good programs are built with freshman who work their way to the top and maybe supplemented with a junior college player or two. Senderoff has tried to build the Flashes up with mostly junior college players, and it has really backfired. The bonus here is that Senderoff now has some new scholarships to go out and try to right the Flashes' ship with.