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MAC NBA Summer League Day 2 Wrap-Up: Watt and Bramos Earn Productive Playing Time

Mitchell Watt and Michael Bramos made the most of their time on the court during Day Two of the Las Vegas Summer League.

Michael Bramos deserves some applause for his showing in the Hawks' win.
Michael Bramos deserves some applause for his showing in the Hawks' win.
Christof Koepsel

Day Two of Summer League action wasn't as beneficial for the former MAC stars as Day One was, but there was still some solid performances. Here's the Day One recap, in case you missed it.

Michael Bramos made his NBA Summer League Debut for the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday and played well, scoring seven points in the Hawks' 90-74 loss to the Washington Wizards. He only shot threes during the game, making one of three and going 4-5 from the free throw line. More importantly, Bramos played nearly twenty minutes which was the most off of the Hawks' bench. While it may be a longshot for him to make the roster, Bramos getting high minutes in the Summer League is a good sign.

Former Buffalo big man Javon McCrea received some good playing time but didn't really do anything with it in the Dallas Mavericks' 93-85 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. He played over ten minutes but only scored three points and had one rebound and one block. McCrea will have to make the most of his seemingly limited minutes in Summer League and try to be as effective as possible.

Mitchell Watt was once again a force on the defensive end for the Golden State Warriors in a 74-72 win over the Phoenix Suns. While only scoring three points, Watt collected six rebounds and blocked a shot. This is Watt's second straight game of playing over twenty minutes, and he's got a great shot at making at least the Warriors' D-League team.

Chris Evans, the former Kent State high-flyer, didn't make an appearance in the Denver Nuggets' 110-82 win over the Toronto Raptors.

Only two of today's Summer League games involve former MAC players, as the Warriors and Mavericks get days off after two consecutive game days. Here is the schedule:

Away Home Time Network
Hawks D-League Select 6:30 ESPN3
Bulls Nuggets 8:00 NBATV

Let's hope that Chris Evans gets some playing time and that Bramos keeps getting quality minutes.