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MAC NBA Summer League Day 3 Wrap-Up: Michael Bramos Continues Solid Play for Hawks

It was a slow day for the MAC in NBA Summer League play, as only one player received any court time.

Chris Evans hasn't been able to find any court time with the Denver Nuggets.
Chris Evans hasn't been able to find any court time with the Denver Nuggets.

Day 3 of the NBA's Summer League in Las Vegas is complete, and while only two former MAC players' teams played, there still were a few takeaways. Both games were the second of three for former Miami standout Michael Bramos and ex-Kent State star Chris Evans. Bramos is playing for the Atlanta Hawks, while Evans is suiting up with the Denver Nuggets. If you missed the first two days of action, here's our Day One and Day Two recaps.

Bramos was effective yet again in the Hawks' 94-92 loss to the NBA D-League Select team. The former Miami RedHawk scored just three points on 1-5 shooting, but was active on defense picking up four rebounds and a steal. He got fifteen minutes of court time, down a little from the first game, but still respectable. His +15 +/- number showed his overall effectiveness in the game, which was pretty good. Only two other teammates posted positive +/- numbers, and Bramos' number blew those guys out of the water. You'd like to see some more scoring out of Bramos, but the coaches seem to like what he brings to the team and it certainly shows in his +/- numbers.

Evans had another DNP (did not play) in yesterday's 103-76 loss to the Chicago Bulls. This is interesting because usually in blowouts, a coach would try to get all of his players some kind of playing time to try to showcase their skills. Evans not playing indicates that he may be hurt, or it may be something else. It's a little troubling but hopefully Evans will get some minutes in the Nuggets next game on Tuesday against the Jazz.

Like yesterday, only two games feature former MAC players. Coincidentally, both the Mavericks and Warriors feature former Buffalo Bulls: Javon McCrea (Dallas) and Mitchell Watt (Golden State). Here is the schedule:

Away Home Time (EST) Network
Raptors Mavericks 6:00 NBATV
Warriors Lakers 10:00 NBATV

After today the Mavericks and Warriors will have played their final "regular season" game and will get two more guaranteed games in the Summer League playoffs. These games should go a long way in determining where each of these guys stand on their current teams.